TS Entertainment’s Upcoming Girl Group Sonamoo Decides on Fourth Member’s Name

2014-11-18 20:15:41 2014-11-18 20:30:46

The fourth member from TS Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group Sonamoo finally has her stage name.

Earlier, TS Entertainment decided that it would leave the naming of the fourth member of their upcoming girl group Sonamoo up to the public.

After receiving almost 1000 entries, they finally decided on D.ana, which means goddess of moon. Along with the winning name, they also picked 10 runner-ups who submitted good names and offered them a prize.

The first three members of Sonamoo, who were revealed earlier, are named Na Hyun, New Sun, and Eui Jin.

TS Entertainment has yet to reveal when Sonamoo will be officially debuting.

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