Lee Bo Young Makes “Pinocchio” Voice Cameo as Taxi Satellite Navigation System

2014-11-19 19:33:19 2014-11-24 22:46:29

Actress Lee Bo Young has made a voice cameo in the latest edition of drama series “Pinocchio.”

On the third episode of the drama, which aired on November 19, the character In Ha (played by actress Park Shin Hye) relocated from her rural island home to Seoul, and Dal Po, the character played by actor Lee Jong Suk, took a job as a taxi driver to support her studies. In Ha needed to go to a broadcasting studio, as she dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist, so Dal Po gave her a lift in his taxi.

However, when he turned on his satellite navigation system, which was branded with the name “Hyesung,” the unmistakable voice of Lee Bo Young could be heard. Hyesung was the name of the character that Lee Bo Young played in drama series “I Hear Your Voice” earlier this year.

At one point, Dalpo even spoke to the navigation system, asking, ” Hyesung, what should I do?”

The system answered, “A lot of accidents happen in this area, so please drive safely.”

A member of the “Pinocchio” production team had previously stated, “Lee Bo Young will be making a voice cameo in this series.”

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