Lovelyz’ Seo Ji Soo Released from Hospital After Receiving Treatment

2014-11-19 22:46:55 2014-11-19 22:46:55

It has been reported that rookie girl group Lovelyz’ member Seo Ji Soo, who has been caught up in a malicious rumor controversy prior to her group’s debut, has finally been released from the hospital following the completion of her inpatient treatment.

After going into a state of mental shock due to the various rumors surrounding her past, Seo Ji Soo was revealed to have been hospitalized on November 12 in order to reach psychological stability, before being discharged on November 20.

A representative of Seo Ji Soo’s agency told Star News, “She is currently staying at home with her parents to stabilize her condition.”

Woollim Entertainment had previously announced that Seo Ji Soo will be taking a temporary break from Lovelyz’ debut and album promotions. The other seven members of the group have continued to carry on with debut activities as planned with the absence of Seo Ji Soo, following the release of their debut album “Girls Invasion” on November 17. It is said that Seo Ji Soo still does not have plans to join the group at this time.

While Seo Ji Soo and Woollim Entertainment refuted all rumors and requested a formal police investigation—resulting in the source being identified—the alleged victim has also come forward to state that she will comply with the police and will provide the necessary evidence.

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