Actress Gong Hyo Jin Says She Wants to Have a Daughter Like Haru

2014-11-21 01:01:28 2014-11-21 01:01:28

Actress Gong Hyo Jin recently revealed that she would like to have a child like couple Tablo (of Epik High) and actress Kang Hye Jung’s adorable daughter, Haru.

On the November 19 broadcast of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Hye Jung, both double cast to star in the play “Educating Rita,” sat down for a brief interview with the entertainment news program.

During this interview, Gong Hyo Jin mentioned Haru, sharing her desire to have a daughter like her in the future. The actress stated, “If [my daughter] were to come out like her, I would do whatever it takes to give birth immediately. Haru is really charming. She has a futuristic appearance. Her personality is also unique. I think she will grow up to become a very charming child.”