Block B Opens Up About Being a Group from a Small Agency

2014-11-22 10:01:49 2014-11-22 10:01:49

The members of idol group Block B recently opened up their thoughts on being from a small agency during their solo concert.

On November 22, Block B opened up their second solo concert “2014 Blockbuster Remastering” at Seoul Olympic Park’s SK Handball Gymnasium. The subtitle and concept of the concert was ‘I’m your villain.’

Ahead of the group’s final ending stage, the members of Block B expressed to their fans, “We’re not from a big company, and we’re not big artists, so we can’t promote very often. But whenever we do come out with a new album, we devote our hearts and souls into preparing it. Even if we look stingy, please show us a lot of love.”

The members continued to explain, “This year was a very special year for us. We will work hard to show a better side of us next year, and we will show everything we haven’t been able to show until now. Look forward to it,” as they laughed.

Meanwhile, the second night of their solo concert will be held once again at the same location on November 23.