Cube Entertainment Teases ‘Another Version’ of BEAST’s Track “12:30”

2014-11-22 09:18:45 2014-11-22 15:20:20

Cube Entertainment recently revealed a brand new teaser video for another version of BEAST’s latest title track from their “TIME” mini album, which received a lot of love after it was released earlier this year.

On November 23, Cube Entertainment uploaded a video onto its official YouTube channel and through a link posted on the agency’s official Twitter account, titled “12:30 Another Version.”

cube entertainment twitterWith the unveiling of this teaser, fans are expressing much curiosity as to whether this new version of the song will be sung by the original artists themselves, BEAST, or if another artist will be singing a cover of it. This other version of the song appears to have put a classical twist on the original, as it shows off a more piano-inspired melody.

The video displays a mysterious female figure, whose face remains hidden throughout, as she walks along an empty beach. Many fans have expressed their thoughts, saying that the new version may be a cover done by another female artist from Cube Entertainment.

The release date is said to be on November 24, so until then, what are your guesses for this new version of “12:30?”