Son Ye Jin Intrigues with Reply Regarding Question on Relationship Status

2014-11-22 22:39:05 2014-11-22 22:41:57

Actress Son Ye Jin has piqued the interest of many people when she answered a question regarding her current relationship status.

On her recent interview in KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay,” the show caught up with the actress when she attended the 51st Grand Bell Awards.

As the actress was going down from the stage, reporter Kim Saeng Min asked her a couple of questions including one regarding her relationship status. “Will you be on (the show) Guerilla Date?,” asked Kim Saeng Min to Son Ye Jin. “I have to do that show next time,” Son Ye Jin gave a rather vague answer to the reporter. Because of her reply, the reporter followed up with a question: does Son Ye Jin have a boyfriend now? And the actress only crinkled her eyes and said, “(He) could watch this from home, right?” and intrigued the reporter.

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin took home the Best Actress Award for her film “The Pirates” at the 2014 Grand Bell Awards.

Son Ye Jin