4Minute’s Gayoon Sings Another Version of BEAST’s “12:30”

2014-11-23 08:18:38 2014-11-23 08:18:38

Following the release of a mysterious teaser for ‘another version’ of BEAST’s title track “12:30” from the group’s latest seventh mini album titled “TIME,” many people were curious as to who the star of this new version would be.

It has finally been revealed that BEAST’s labelmate, 4Minute member Gayoon shared her voice to sing a solo cover of “12:30.”

On November 24, Cube Entertainment revealed a video of Gayoon singing the cover through its official YouTube channel. The brand new version of “12:30” puts a more classical and mellow twist on the original, as the melody expresses a piano-inspired melody. The 4Minute member’s vocals blend perfectly with the beautiful sound of the instruments playing in the backdrop. While the overall feeling of the song displays a similar emotional vibe to BEAST’s song, the female cover gives off a bit of a different kind of sorrow.

What do you think of Gayoon’s cover of “12:30?”