Actor Song Jae Rim Overflows with Charisma for Marie Claire + Discusses “We Got Married”

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Actor Song Jae Rim, a rising star in the variety world, recently took part in a photo shoot for the December issue of fashion magazine Marie Claire, which was revealed on November 24.

In the pictorial cuts, the actor can be seen overflowing with charismatic and masculine charms, as he goes for a wide range of concepts that perfectly portray the different sides of his unique personality.

During an interview following the photo shoot, Song Jae Rim shared his honest thoughts on the MBC marriage variety program, “We Got Married,” on which he is appearing alongside actress Kim So Eun. The actor expressed, “Until now, I’ve continued to show reserved acting one after the other. So I decided to appear on ‘We Got Married’ because I wanted to show a different side, as well as an honest image of myself outside of acting, to fans.”

Song Jae Rim also touched on the effects the show has had on his acting: “When I began to think of an ‘actor’ as an actual career, I came to love my work even more. I want to become that much better. Opinions may be divided since I’ve shown my honest side. But rather than being concerned or calculative about it, I think of it as a job I have to carry with me.”

Check out some of the pictorial cuts below!
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