Block B Set to Come Back With New Album in Mid January 2015

2014-11-23 00:00:44 2014-11-23 00:01:33
block b

BBCs, here’s some good news for you!

Block B, who held their second solo concert “2014 BLOCKBUSTER REMASTERING” in Seoul on November 22, has announced that they will be making their comeback very soon!

During the ending performance, Block B shared good news to their fans and said, “We’ll let you hear some good news. We are currently preparing hard. With a new appearance, Block B will be a group that would be hard to miss and will be closer than ever. We will come back with a new album and performance next year.”

Through a video, the goup’s statement was confirmed as the audience were given a hint on the group’s upcoming comeback track which translates in English to “I’ll Hold Your Hand and Sleep.”

Meanwhile, Block B will hold another staging of their concert, “2014 BLOCKBUSTER REMASTERING” today, November 23. Like the previous night, the group will perform a total of 25 songs including their hits “VERY GOOD,” “HALO,” “JACKPOT,” and “H.E.R.”