Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Worries Over Fans After Fan Meeting Cancellation Due to Overcrowding

2014-11-23 11:21:40 2014-11-23 11:21:40

Following the cancellation of her fan signing event, Girl’s Day member Hyeri shared her disappointment and showed concern for the safety of her fans.

On November 23, Hyeri attended the fan signing for the ‘Hungry App’ event that had been scheduled to take place in Busan at BEXCO. However, three minutes after opening up, the event was forced to shut down as a result of overcrowding. As the large crowd of fans gathered altogether at once, the event coordinators had no choice but to cancel for the safety concerns of all those in attendance in order to prevent any accidents.

Immediately after the fan meeting cancellation was announced, the Girl’s Day member took to her personal Instagram account to express a message of worry for the fans. She wrote, “Busan. No one was hurt, right? I’m sorry and thank you. ㅠㅠI’m disappointed.”