Yoon Sang Hyun Opens Up about Dating Maybee on Upcoming Episode of “Healing Camp”

2014-11-23 20:49:48 2014-11-23 20:50:46

Actor Yoon Sang Hyun has honestly admitted his relationship with singer Maybee during the filming of an upcoming episode of SBS talk show “Healing Camp.”

During the filming of the November 24 episode of “Healing Camp,” Yoon Sang Hyun admitted to seeing Maybee, just as reported earlier by the media.

He talked more in detail about their relationship, describing how they met and how he fell for her.

He even added, “We may even get married early next year,” and further explained his decision to consider getting married with Maybee. It will also be revealed on the episode how he proposed to Maybee.

The upcoming episode of “Healing Camp” will also feature Kim Kwang Kyu and Ji Sang Wook. It will air on November 24.