Loco Drops “Thinking About You” MV Feat. Jay Park

2014-11-24 19:31:25 2014-11-24 19:31:39

Rapper Loco has dropped his music video for “Thinking About You” featuring Jay Park, off of his new EP “Locomotive,” which is first comeback in eight months.

The video, dropped on AOMG’s official YouTube channel and various music sites on November 25, has a slightly comical feel, Loco and Jay Park wandering a labyrinth of hallways in pursuit of a woman that they cannot find.

Watch it here:

Loco’s full album drops on November 28. Made up of a total of nine songs, the album features artists such as Gray, Crush, Ugly Duck, DJ Wegun, and more. Osen states that the album as a whole carries a very different vibe from the pre-released title track “Thinking About You.”

Loco previously took the grand prize on Mnet’s hip hop survival show “Show Me the Money Season 1,” and saw huge success with his past release in March, titled “Hold Me Tight.”