Rapper Swings to Enlist for His Military Service Today

2014-11-24 18:17:56 2014-11-24 18:17:56

Rapper Swings of Just Music will be enlisting for his two-year mandatory military service today (November 25).

Swings will receive five weeks of training, after which he will be serving for 21 months in the Korean military.

Swings announced his enlistment plans on the November 22 episode of “SNL Korea.” He also left a lengthy message on his personal Instagram account about how he did not get into KATUSA (Korean Augmentation To the United States Army).

In his message, he wrote, “I’ve ran hard in the last seven years. I tried to not miss any opportunities that came to me.” He further commented, “I am just really worried that I won’t be able to help my family, friends, and colleagues right beside them like I have done so far. I will be back after protecting our country, so please don’t forget about me.”

Earlier on November 21, Swings also released a single called “Be Right Back” ahead of his enlistment.