Goo Hara’s “Roommate” Appearance Brings Joy to GOT7’s Jackson and KARA’s Young Ji

2014-11-25 18:09:07 2014-11-25 18:25:44

KARA star Goo Hara has caused a stir on the latest edition of SBS’ reality show “Roommate,” which aired on November 25. The girl group member made a guest appearance on the show, where fellow KARA star Young Ji is a regular cast member. Fellow cast member Jackson (of GOT7), in particular, seemed pleased with the news that Goo Hara would be paying a visit.

During a recent excursion that involved eel fishing, Young Ji asked, “Would you mind if I invited Goo Hara to join us?”

Jackson responded with a smile, “Of course!” The GOT7 star also added enthusiastically, “Tell her to come quickly, and tell her that she can sleep over at the house, too!”


When Goo Hara arrived at the “Roommate” house later on, Jackson was not the only person who seemed happy to see her.

Young Ji was moved to tears by Goo Hara’s emotional words, as the latter announced, “I was so happy when it was confirmed that Young Ji would be joining KARA. I paid specific attention to her from among the other trainees. I also joined KARA as a new member once, so there are a lot of things I can share with her. With Young Ji, I think the group now has a more youthful image.”