Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea” Realistically Canceled, May Not See Third Season

2014-11-25 22:48:26 2014-11-25 22:48:26

Mnet‘s audition show “The Voice of Korea” (most known as “Voice Korea”) will most likely not see another season.

According to broadcast insiders, it seems as a third season for “Voice Korea” will be extremely difficult.

After starting in 2012 with season one, “Voice Korea” aired its second season last year. Previously, Mnet was planning on carrying out the third season earlier this year, but as 2014 is nearing its end, it seems like the third season of “Voice Korea” will not happen.

Initially, Mnet has bought the publication rights of the show format from Universal Music for three seasons, it would make sense for Mnet to air another season since they have already paid for it.

However, insiders from Mnet has expressed that “Voice Korea” will not be profitable for the channel. Different from other Mnet audition programs like “Super Star K,” the profits from the show’s digital singles go to the copyright holder Universal Music, not Mnet.

As the industry has been also on a decline in terms of profits from commercials, Mnet seems hesitant to continue with “Voice Korea.” “‘Voice Korea’ definitely has a different charm from ‘Super Star K,'” said a representative from Mnet. “But as the show is not very financially profitable for both Mnet and the winners, we are hesitant to continue with it.”