“Roommate” Ratings Take a Big Hit After Time Change

2014-11-25 19:12:02 2014-11-25 19:12:02

Season two of the SBS weekend variety show “Roommate” was recently moved from its regular Sunday airing to Tuesday nights. “Roommate” normally aired around 4 p.m. in the afternoon, right before “Running Man.”

The show’s airing time was changed to Tuesday nights starting this week, broadcasting at around 11 p.m., and the ratings for the show dived with this change. The most recent episode before the change recorded a 5.6 percent in ratings. This week’s episode, airing yesterday night, recorded only a 3.3 percent, a 2.3 percent drop from its previous episode. This difference of 2.3 is considered significant in terms of ratings.

Its competition from KBS, “Cool Kiz on the Block” recorded 4.2 percent and MBC’s “PD Journal” recorded 4.4 percent, placing “Roommate” in last place.

While “Roommate” was never a ratings hit on Sunday, the new number from Tuesday doesn’t look very hopeful. It still remains to be seen, however, how the average ratings will pan out for its Tuesday time-slot.