Girl’s Day’s Minah Joins Instagram

2014-11-26 16:46:03 2014-11-26 16:46:03

Good news for Girl’s Day fans! Just two hours ago Minah revealed her newly created Instagram account through her twitter with the message “I’m going to try this too. hee hee.”

You can follow her on Instagram at @bbang_93.

So far, she has only posted one picture of herself sitting in a car, comfortably smiling for a selca.

나도 한번 따라보자 히히

A photo posted by @bbang_93 on

Maknae Hyeri joined Instagram two weeks ago with @hyeri_0609  while Sojin started early this year at @ssozi_sojin. Hopefully Yura joins in on the fun soon, so we have the complete group there.