“Pinocchio” and “Mr. Baek” Going Head-to-Head in Viewer Ratings Battle

2014-11-26 22:22:09 2014-11-26 22:22:09

MBC’s “Mr. Baek” is continuing its winning streak at number one in terms of viewer ratings for the Wednesday-Thursday time slot. However, SBS’ “Pinocchio” has inched its way up, catching up close, with only a 0.7% difference in ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, the November 26 broadcast of “Mr. Baek” recorded 10.9% in viewer ratings, which showed a 0.2% decrease from the previous episode. Since the fourth episode, the MBC drama has seen a steady drop, recording 13.3%, 11.2%, 11.1%, and now, 10.9%.

For these two Wednesday-Thursday dramas, it has become a very close competition, within a difference of 1%. The November 26 broadcast of “Pinocchio” reached a viewer rating of 10.2%, which is the second broadcast to surpass double digits.

Meanwhile, KBS’ drama “The King’s Face” during the same time slot recorded 6.2%, coming in at the third spot.

Which of these three dramas are you currently enjoying?