Soul Shop Entertainment Responds to Megan Lee’s Claims of Verbal Abuse from Kim Tae Woo’s Wife

2014-11-27 22:25:06 2014-11-27 22:25:06

On the heels of Megan Lee’s previous statement on alleged verbal abuse received from Kim Tae Woo’s wife Kim Ae Ri, Soul Shop Entertainment has released another official statement addressing the singer’s claims.

The agency starts off, “We find it regrettable that Megan Lee released her personal feelings and unverified claims through the news in the middle of this lawsuit, digressing from the main issues.”

“Since Megan Lee’s debut (May 15, 2014), we did our best, not holding back on our support for her during her six months of promotions.”

Soul Shop lists Megan Lee’s previously decided future promotional plans, saying, “Even as of the beginning of this month, we had finished planning Megan Lee’s future promotions. We were looking to do a song for the ‘Pinocchio’ OST at the end of November, after which she would do a musical from December through the end of January, followed up with her second single in March of next year.”

“Megan Lee and her mother were well aware of these plans. As such, we cannot see her actions as anything other than her nulling the contract so she can grasp the opportunity offered her from the United States.”

The agency further states that they hope for no more personal attacks, and that any further statements will be through the court room.

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