G-Dragon Responds to Yano Shiho and Chu Sarang’s Love Call

2014-11-28 22:58:41 2014-11-29 00:12:27

After the model Yano Shiho, the wife of Chu Sung Hoon and mother of the adorable Chu Sarang of “Superman Returns” fame, expressed her great desire to work together with G-Dragon whom Sarang likes a lot,  the BIGBANG leader has shown a positive reaction and responded through his personal social networking site.

On G-Dragon’s personal Instagram account, the singer posted a screen capture of the interview of Yano Shiho together with the words, “Sarang, I also like (you).” He also posted hashtags that said “Sorry, Haru” and “I also like Haru.” In the post, G-Dragon showed his affection towards Yano Shiho and Chu Sung Hoon’s cute daughter Sarang and was apologetic to Haru, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung’s daughter, who is also a big fan of G-Dragon.

Yaho Shino

Earlier, Yano Shiho was interviewed in a program wherein she was asked whom she wants to work with in a commercial. The model said that she wants to work with “G-Dragon, who’s Sarang’s favorite.” G-Dragon must have heard of this and took it as a compliment so he responded positively.