GOT7 Goofs Off in Crazy Boyfriend Version of “Stop Stop It” Dance Practice Video

2014-11-28 15:29:06 2014-11-28 15:29:06

Ever wanted to see the cool boys of GOT7 act crazy and do unbelievably cute aegyo?

In the Crazy Boyfriend version of their dance practice video for their latest track “Stop Stop It” released on November 28, the boys of GOT7 did just that!

The crazy boyfriend version video, which is the second practice video the group released for their song “Stop Stop It,” features the seven members of GOT7 having some fun while doing the cool choreography for the track. Contrary to the cool image the boys showed in the previous dance practice video, the boys now show how fun and crazy they could be while making really cute gestures as they smile and look straight to the camera.

The boys also showed their playful sides as they display skinship and kid around with the members while they go about the choreography.

“Stop Stop It” is GOT7′s official title track for their first full-length album, “Identify,” which was released on November 17.

Watch the video below and tell us whose aegyo you like the best!