Pritz Sparks More Backlash as Netizens Spot Controversial Symbol on Album Jacket

2014-11-28 21:39:09 2014-11-28 21:39:09

Rookie idol group Pritz is embroiled in yet another controversy after coming under fire early this month for performing in outfits that look strikingly similar to Nazi uniforms. Attention has turned to the album jacket of Pritz’s debut single “Too diffcult~Oh Eh Oh Eh~,” which was released July of this year.

Netizens have spotted what looks like the Rising Sun Flag in the background of the album jacket, behind the girls who are standing in a row. The Rising Sun Flag served as the war flag of Imperial Japan as well as Japan’s Self-Defense Forces during World War II. As such, it is associated with militaristic imperialism and is considered offensive by some countries, including China and Korea. Previously, several celebrities also stirred controversy when they were seen sporting apparel with references to the flag.

It has yet to be confirmed that the watermark is actually an image of the Rising Sun Flag. A representative from Pritz’s management agency PandaGram commented that there is no basis for the controversy and that the watermark was used simply to created a sense of depth in the picture.

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