Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day’s Yura Enjoy Romantic Ferris Wheel Date on “We Got Married”

2014-11-29 00:49:58 2014-11-29 00:53:00

Model-actor Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day member Yura recently spent time together on a romantic Ferris wheel date.

On the November 29 broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married,” the couple went on a Ferris wheel that overlooks Yura’s hometown of Ulsan.

Upon riding the Ferris wheel, Hong Jong Hyun asked Yura if she has been on a Ferris wheel many times and when she last rode one, naturally poking into her past. Flustered, Yura responded by changing the topic and asking her virtual husband when he had his first kiss. The couple continued their conversation in the small space of the passenger car as it made its way around the circular track.

As soon as their car reached the very top, Yura expressed her fear, asking Hong Jong Hyun to stay still. However, he decided to tease her by shaking the car even harder. The two also displayed a bit of skinship, as Hong Jong Hyun took Yura’s hand in his.

“We Got Married” airs every Saturday on MBC at 5 p.m. (KST).

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