Will Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun Finally Go For A Real Kiss on “We Got Married”?

2014-11-29 03:26:28 2014-11-29 03:26:28

One of the most awaited parts during a wedding is when the groom is asked to kiss the bride. Of course, that important part is not to be missed out at the wedding ceremony of the LTE couple of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun!

On the November 29 broadcast of the MBC variety show “We Got Married,” a teaser of the wedding ceremony of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun was shown.

After choosing the clothes that they’ll wear for the wedding, the two had their wedding ceremony. Kim So Eun looked lovely in her wedding dress while Song Jae Rim looked handsome in his suit.

At the wedding, many of their colleagues in the industry including 5urprise, Ju Da Yeong, and Kim Min Kyo attended. Kim Min Kyo, who facilitated the program, made the event a happy one with his witty way of hosting.

“The time to pay for the rebellion has come,” said Song Jae Rim, referring to his “settlement” into married life from his carefree single days. Meanwhile, Kim So Eun had a worried and nervous expression on her face.

Kim So Eun, Song Jae RIm

Another peek to the wedding episode showed the two going for a kiss. With each of their hands holding each other’s heads, many viewers are curious whether the LTE couple really did kiss or was it all a camera trick.

Find out on the next episode of “We Got Married” next week!

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