“K-Pop Star” Contestant Moves Judges with Original Song About Mother

2014-11-30 18:30:15 2014-11-30 18:38:39

Following singer-songwriter Lee Jin Ah who went viral after her performance on the first episode of “K-Pop Star 4,” another female singer-songwriter by the name of Lee Seol Ah has become the center of attention this week.

On the second episode of “K-Pop Star 4,” which aired on November 30, Lee Seol Ah performed an original song entitled “To Live As a Mother.” The heartfelt lyrics and simple melody touched all those who were listening.

The judges only had positive things to say about her performance, stressing that this is the kind of song that transcends any standard of evaluation. They especially liked her sincerity and unadorned style of singing.

Check out Lee Jin Ah’s performance of “To Live as a Mother”on “K-Pop Star 4″ below.