Super Junior-M’s Henry Bonds with a Military Dog on “Real Men”

2014-11-30 04:39:41 2014-11-30 04:39:41

Super Junior-M member Henry tried to comfort Bando, a gloomy military dog, on the latest episode of MBC’s “Real Men.”

The November 30 episode focused on the training of army dogs, who play an important yet often overlooked role in the military.

The idol was paired up with the shy and reserved Bando. However, being the bright person he always is, Henry got quickly past the initial confusion and began bonding with the dog.

First, Henry tried to communicate with Bando in English and German, but to no avail. Next, he tried shaking Bando’s paw, but the dog continued to reject his initiatives.

Worried about Bando’s future in the military, Henry said, “What if he fails to become an army dog because of acting like that. I hope that kid gets out of depression.”

When it was time for the two to demonstrate their ball-catching skills, Bando got nervous and showed no interest in running after the ball. Seeing Bando struggling with the mission, Henry petted the dog, saying, “It’s okay. You don’t have to do it.”

Finally, Henry touched the viewers with his warmth by gently carrying Bando out of the test location.

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