Starship Entertainment Artists to Release Holiday Single “LOVE IS YOU” on December 4

2014-12-01 16:41:05 2014-12-01 16:51:50

All of the artists under Starship Entertainment are coming together for a winter project, “Starship Planet.” The agency’s singers, including SISTAR, K.Will, Boyfriend, Junggigo, Joo Young, and Mad Clown, have unveiled a teaser photo for the upcoming holiday season release.

On December 2, a representative of Starship Entertainment shared, “This coming December 4, we will be releasing a winter love song ‘LOVE IS YOU.’ You will be able to listen to completely different music from the agency artists.”

“LOVE IS YOU” is said to be a heartwarming song that is perfectly fit for the winter season. The song will showcase and combine labelmates Hyorin, K.Will, and others’ vocals with Mad Clown and Joo Young’s rhythmical rap.

In the teaser image taken from the set of their music video shoot, which was revealed on this day, all of the Starship artists can be seen posing together for a group shot while wearing 3D glasses.

Meanwhile, Starship Entertainment is also in the middle of preparing for a year-end joint concert. The ‘Starship X All Night’ concert will be opening up this coming December 5 at the Walker Hill Theater Hall.