Yoon Hyun Sang Chose LOEN Over YG and JYP Because of IU?

2014-12-01 18:22:44 2014-12-01 18:22:44
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On November 27, Yoon Hyun Sang appeared as a guest on SBS PowerFM radio show “Cultwo Show” along with singer Kim Bum Soo and jazz guitarist Park Joo Won. Radio host Jung Chan Woo asked Yoon Hyun Sang why he chose LOEN Entertainment over two of the biggest labels in the industry, Yang Hyun Suk’s YG Entertainment and Park Jin Young’s JYP Entertainment.

The radio hosts were especially curious because Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jin Young serve as judges on “K-Pop Star,” the show that brought Yoon Hyun Sang into the spotlight. Yoon Hyun Sang competed on the first season of the show and received praise for his songwriting abilities and soft toned voice.

Yoon Hyun Sang was asked if he chose LOEN because he likes IU. Yoon Hyun Sang replied saying, “It was more because I wanted to receive IU’s influence. IU has been able to show many facets of herself as a musician, and I thought that if I came to this label I might be able to do the same.”

Yoon Hyun Sang debuted on October 31 with mini-album “Pianoforte.”