EXID Returning to Music Shows with “Up & Down” After Performance Fancams Go Viral

2014-12-02 17:23:08 2014-12-02 17:23:08

Girl group EXID has continued to be a hot topic and is still trending in Korea after fancams of the group’s track “Up & Down performances went viral.

Since gaining attention in the last two weeks, EXID’s “Up & Down” has maintained its spot at the top of music charts, staying within the top 10. In just a matter of days, the song broke through the top 100 and managed to climb up into the top 10.

As a result of their newfound popularity, EXID will be making their return to music programs, three months following the release of the song.

The group is scheduled to perform “Up & Down” on the December 5 broadcast of KBS’ “Music Bank,” as well as the December 6 broadcast of MBC’s “Music Core.” Not only is EXID becoming busier with music programs, they have also been receiving numerous requests from various events to make appearances and perform.

Meanwhile, EXID is currently in the middle of preparations for a comeback with a brand new album.