Song Jae Rim Visits Cambodia with Plan Korea to Help Impoverished Children

2014-12-03 01:45:51 2014-12-03 01:47:20

Actor Song Jae Rim, who is currently gaining huge popularity through his appearance in “We Got Married,” recently visited Cambodia to volunteer for impoverished children.

According to a statement by SM C&C, Song Jae Rim spent some quality time visiting with Chaek Paek, a child he is sponsoring in Siem Reap, Cambodia, from November 26 to December 1.

As an ambassador for Plan Korea, an organisation that encourages sponsoring of children from developing countries, Song Jae Rim is supporting the 14-year-old Chaek Paek. While visiting Cambodia, Song Jae Rim helped to reconstruct the outer walls of Chaek Paek’s house, and also visited Chaek Paek’s school to distributed the stationary he had received from his Japanese fans.

It was said that in addition to inspecting the hygienic conditions of the drinking water in the village for purposes of constructing a well and checking on the current condition of a previously built well, Song Jae Rim also engaged in various other volunteer activities.

The actor said, “On top of being able to experience many things in Cambodia, I have also learned about numerous other projects. Please watch over us as we work through each small plan and project that we have developed.”