Actress Kim Yoo Jung Reveals That She Is a Heavy Eater

2014-12-04 20:47:57 2014-12-04 20:47:57

On the KBS 2TV variety show “Happy Together episode aired on December 4, which was a special for the big appetites of Korean entertainment, Kim Yoo Jung confessed that she is a big eater. She said, “Other people usually eat little portions and frequently, but I eat a lot for every meal,” and “What other people call binge eating, that’s what I do at every meal.”

Kim Yoo Jung revealed, “Every time my mother steams some eggs, I eat 10 to 20 at once. Whenever we have a box of tangerines at home, they’re all gone within two days.” She topped it off, saying, “Unless I am on a diet, I can eat a large box of pizza on my own.”

After that, Kim Yoo Jung said, “Because I put on weight easily, I sometimes have to watch how much I eat.”

Also appearing on the show were g.o.d‘s Kim Tae Woo, miss A‘s Fei, and others.

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