SHINee Coincidentally Runs Into Hollywood Actor Jack Black at the Airport

2014-12-04 23:51:13 2014-12-04 23:51:13

The members of SHINee recently bumped into Hollywood actor Jack Black by chance while at the airport!

On December 5, members Jonghyun and Onew shared about the chance encounter through their personal Twitter accounts.

Jonghyun first wrote, “Hul, I saw Jack Black at the airport…………………” before relaying a longer message about what exactly had happened: “[He] asked if I was a rock star, so we started talking about random things when he told me that he was also a rock star….that his name was Jack….Are you Jack?!? oOo?!?!?!?!? Jack Black!?! School of Rock?!?!?!? There’s no way I was expecting that…..He said he’s having a concert in Korea!!”

Onew, on the other hand, kept if brief and to-the-point with a witty caption that reads, “21………..!!!!!!!!!!!!” referring to the name of the card game twenty-one,’ also known as ‘blackjack,’ which sounds similar to the actor’s name.

The two members both posted their proof shots with the actor, in which Onew, Jonghyun, and Minho can be seen posing alongside Jack Black at the airport.
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