Star Empire Hints at Surprise Comeback with Teaser Image

2014-12-04 23:51:29 2014-12-04 23:51:29

Star Empire has released a mysterious image to their official social media accounts, possibly hinting at a surprise comeback.

On December 5, Star Empire posted a message on their Twitter account that read, “2014/12/11 PM12:00 WHO’S NEXT? Star Empire surprise comeback, who will it be?”

Along with the message, they posted an image of a set. In the image, two men can be seen in front of a grand piano.

Nothing else has been released yet on the identities of the individuals in the photo, but fans are speculating that it may be another project group. Earlier in September, Star Empire debuted Nasty Nasty, consisting of Kyungri from Nine MusesKevin from ZE:A, and newbie Sojin. They promoted a song called “Knock.”

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