Teen Top Drops Jacket Image Ahead of “Snow Candy” Album Release

2014-12-05 06:56:18 2014-12-05 06:56:39

Boy Band Teen Top has announced it will release a new album on December 10. The group has unveiled a jacket image for the album, which will be entitled “Snow Candy.”

Teen Top1

The album is intended as a surprise present for the fans who have so loyally supported the group throughout 2014.

The album’s title track has lyrics that compare lovers to sweet candy. Also included on the release will be the tracks “Merry Christmas,” written by member Chanjo, as well as C.A.P’s new track, which is called “Winter Song.” All of the songs on the “Snow Candy” album are said to be distinctly winter-themed.

Also included with the album is a Christmas card designed by the group’s members, as well as their handwritten messages to fans.