Lee Sung Kyung Gets Her Dance On in “Running Man”

2014-12-06 01:53:45 2014-12-06 01:53:45

Model-actress Lee Sung Kyung was recently invited to appear as a special guest on SBS‘ “Running Man” for the “two-faced angel” episode, where she will be getting her dance on in an initiation to the show.

It was said that Lee Sung Kyung’s amazing outfit and her beautiful appearance for the opening of the “Running Man” show made cast members blatantly stare in awe. Her fellow “It’s Okay, That’s Love” actor Lee Kwang Soo shouted out her name in glee, right before everyone joined in with her to dance.

“Everyone on the show was taken aback by Lee Sung Kyung’s amazing dance skills,” said a member of the production team. “She played an active role in this episode, and her chemistry with Lee Kwang Soo made for a great shoot.”

Lee Sung Kyung previously catapulted to stardom through her role on “It’s Okay, That’s Love.

The episode of “Running Man” with Lee Sung Kyung will air on December 7 on SBS.

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