Actor Yoo Seung Ho Shares What He Missed the Most While Serving in the Army

2014-12-06 12:37:03 2014-12-06 12:37:03

The December 6 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly” captured the moments of actor Yoo Seung Ho’s release from his military service on December 4.

Cameras showed the actor shedding tears as soon as he saw the large crowd of fans and reporters awaiting his arrival.

During a brief statement in which Yoo Seung Ho shared his thoughts on finishing up his service, he said, “I wasn’t going to cry, but after greeting my instructors and junior soldiers, I couldn’t help but cry. I felt very sorry and apologetic for not being able to properly say goodbye [at the time of my enlistment]. It’s an honor and I’m thankful to be able to greet you properly now at my discharge. I’ve learned a lot and built many memories while experiencing military life during the past one year and nine months.”

When asked if he had a nickname as a teaching instructor, Yoo Seung Ho explained, “I didn’t have a nickname, but the soldiers-in-training just didn’t like me,” causing laughter.

In response to the question of “What’s the first thing you want to do?” that actor revealed, “My unit gave me a present and told me to open it at home, so I want to see what it is. I also want to sleep.” On the topic of what he missed the most while in the army, he shared, “I missed my parents. We also have two cats at home. I miss them a lot,” as his eyes welled up again.

Watch the clip below: