“Pinocchio” BTS Stills Show How Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye Prepare for Intimate Scenes

2014-12-07 20:49:53 2014-12-07 20:49:53

Pinocchio” revealed Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye’s behind story of their sweet skinship. From holding hands to hugging and kissing, an overall behind-the-scenes steal cut captured the attention of the audience and drowned them in affection.

SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama special “Pinocchio” revealed adorable behind-the-scene photos of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye on December 7.

In the picture, the two are in the snow with wide smiles on their faces. The audience was even more intrigued by the photo because it was from behind the scenes of episode eight, which was when [SPOILER] Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk finally kissed, a scene that made many cry out in joy. [END SPOILER]

Pictures of Lee Jong Suk leaning on Park Shin Hye’s shoulder while monitoring or playing with her hair while joking around also caught people’s attention. Many noticed how the two seemed close and affectionate towards each other.

These behind scenes were actually snippets of Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk trying to maintain a tender atmosphere before heading into their kiss scene in order to properly deliver the fluttering emotions of love to the audience. The two’s passion for acting was also evident.

As seen as above, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk are good friends who emotionally prepare for each scene together as one and joke around to get rid of any awkwardness. They also are the life of the studio with their charming personalities.

“There is no awkwardness between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk during skinship scenes because they set the right mood before hand. Even on a daily basis, the chemistry between the two good friends are amazing and their charming personality brings smiles to everyone’s face,” producers of “Pinocchio” said. “We hope that you continue to tune in on the two’s romance.”

Meanwhile, “Pinocchio,” starring Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Yoo Bi, is about a man who lives under a false name and a woman who cannot lie. Episode nine will be aired on December 10.

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