Song Il Gook Struggles to Get the Triplets Together for Calendar Photo Shoot

2014-12-07 12:11:58 2014-12-07 12:11:58

Song Il Gook struggled to get his triplets together for his calendar photo shoot on “Superman Returns.”

On the latest episode of “Superman Returns,” Song Il Gook, an avid amateur photographer, attempted to take pictures of the Song Triplets for a new year’s calendar.

Song Il Gook barely got the triplets into their hanbok (traditional Korean wear), and even after they were dressed up, the triplets were busy running around.

Eventually, Song Il Gook had to put on a cartoon and managed with difficulty to get them to stay still together.

Song Il Gook seemed touched after seeing the photos he took. “It was touching. I was surprised to see that Manse was holding Daehan and Mingook‘s hands so tightly. When they don’t see one of them around, they always look for the missing one. They are really close.”

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