Teen Top’s Ricky and 100%’s Rokhyun Double Cast in Their First-Ever Musical Production

2014-12-07 19:55:27 2014-12-07 19:55:27

Teen Top’s Ricky and 100%’s Rokhyun will be taking on the musical stage for the very first time through the production “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store.”

It has been reported that Ricky and Rokhyun were double cast as the role of Chul Jin, an innocent young man from Jeju Island. Within the musical’s storyline, Chul Jin is a passionate character that decides to leave his hometown, seeking to fulfill his dreams after completing his army service. When he moves to Seoul, he finds work at the ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store.’

The production company in charge of casting these two idol singers explained, “Ricky’s loveable and cute image is a perfect match for the role of Chul Jin. Also, Rokhyun will do well as a musical actor, as he has earned recognition for his singing abilities through promotions as the main vocal [of 100%], and has received consistent acting lessons as well.”

On being cast in their first-ever musical, Ricky shared, “I hope to receive the public’s love as the representative mascot of ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store,’ Chul Jin,” while Rokhyun expressed, “Although I do feel a bit scared to try out a new field, I’m also looking forward to experiencing a bigger stage.”