IU Becoming Korea’s “Queen of Commercials”

2014-12-08 22:53:06 2014-12-08 22:53:06

Singer IU is becoming one of Korea’s most sought-after stars among the makers of commercials.

The star has recently been chosen to advertise a popular brand of soju (an alcoholic beverage popular in Korea), following in the footsteps of some of the “hottest” stars in Korea, such as Lee Hyori.

According to an article published by media outlet OSEN, however, the star currently has four advertising contracts with companies, and is now negotiating over a possible three more deals. The article calls IU a “CF Queen”, or a “Queen of Commercials.”

And it seems that IU is not only in great demand from advertisers, but also from the makers of television drama series and movies. OSEN reports that the singer is currently looking through scripts for both movies and dramas. In fact, the makers of many dramas that are currently on air have spoken to IU about the possibility of appearing in their series.

It appears that IU’s popularity among television producers and advertisers has not distracted her from her music career, however, as the star has three songs in the 2014 Gaon Music Chart Top 10. IU has placed at Number 5, Number 7, and Number 10 on the chart with three of her hits from this year.