Kangin Needed to Use the Restroom, Had a Gun Pointed at Him by Police

2014-12-08 16:50:36 2014-12-08 16:50:36

Super Junior’s Kangin shared that he had a gun pointed at him by the police while in the United States.

Kangin appeared on the most recent broadcast of JTBC’s “Non-Summit.” The topic of the episode was safety, and Kangin shared about an incident where he was investigated by US police.

He said, “We were heading back to our lodgings after finishing up a performance, but I needed to use the restroom badly, so at my insistence our driver sped up. The police came after us, and as soon as we pulled over, I rushed out of the car to relieve myself in the bushes.”

He continued, “All of a sudden, I had a gun pointed at me. It was really humiliating to have to explain to the police, with my pants still on the ground, that I’m a famous singer from Korea.” Kangin made the entire studio erupt with laughter with his story.

Catch Kangin as well as Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi on the December 8 broadcast of JTBC’s “Non-Summit.”