Star Empire Announces V.O.S Comeback

2014-12-08 17:07:43 2014-12-08 17:07:43

Star Empire Entertainment revealed that the surprise comeback star they had announced would be the ballad group, V.O.S.

V.O.S will be releasing their new song on December 11. Kim Kyung Rok, member of V.O.S, had just released his song “Running While Crying” last month, despite the prospect that Star Empire Entertainment would be releasing a new unit group instead.

Star Empire Entertainment, containing V.O.S, Jewelry, ZE:A, and Nine Muses, posted on their Twitter on December  5, “2014/12/11 PM12:00 WHO’S NEXT? Who will be the next surprise comeback singer from Star Empire Entertainment?” along with a picture of the silhouette of two men next to a piano.

V.O.S is made up of Kim Kyung Rok and Choi Hyun Joon, and some of their signature songs are “Look Into My Eyes and Talk,” “Everyday,” and “Time Limited Life.” People are keeping a look out for what type of sentimental ballads V.O.S. will be releasing during the holidays.