Block B Tops Pre-Order Sales for Three Days Straight in Japan

2014-12-09 17:28:36 2014-12-09 17:28:36
block b

Block B has risen to number one in pre-order sales on Japanese online music retailer site Tower Records.

On December 9, Tower Records announced, “Block B’s debut single album ‘Very Good (Japanese Version)’ has trumped the likes of Namie Amuro, B’z, TVXQ, SHINee, and 2PM, snagging first place in pre-order sales for three days straight.”

To commemorate their Japanese debut, Block B held a showcase, which sold out within the first day of ticket sales, in Tokyo last week on December 6. Online pre-reservations for the single album topped Tower Records’ charts the same night, and “Very Good (Japanese Version)” has continued to maintain its spot for the third day straight.

Block B’s Japanese debut single album “Very Good (Japanese Version)” is slated for release on January 21 of next year.