Candy Girls of K-Dramaland: A Couch Kimchi Roundtable

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What is a “Candy girl” and why do we love them? Join us as we discuss this K-drama standard, and let us know your favorites (or most hated) “Candy characters.”


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What’s a Candy girl?

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A Candy girl’s purpose in a K-drama

You know you’re watching a K-drama with Candy girl when there is a …

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Why we like Candy girls

What we don’t like about Candy girls

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Favorite Candies

Worst Candies



Tessieroo: *sings* ‘I want candy …’ That’s what usually comes to my mind when I hear the term “Candy girl.” Maybe we should begin by explaining what the term means and where it originated for those who aren’t familiar?

The term or idea came from a Japanese anime published in the 70s called “Candy, Candy.” The main character is an orphan named Candice, and no matter what horrible things happen to her or how badly she’s mistreated, she stays optimistic, cheerful, and loving.

Clockwatcher: According to “Master’s Sun,” it’s from a manga and refers to a poor girl who’s looking for a rich man to save her, but I think in regards to Korean dramas, it refers to that innocent, bubbly, hardworking, poor girl who stars in most romantic comedies.

Rinchan: It’s the character that fails at getting even in revenge dramas and freezes at skinship in romance. She is admired by all men because she is diligent and pure, but she’s hated by the second female lead because of her saint-like thinking. Most important, she is the target of every evil person, disaster, and hardship, but somehow, she comes out on top because of her ability to move the masses. LOL.

Tessieroo: Exactly. The “Candy character” is somehow able to make everyone fall in love with her, and that includes all the rich, single chaebol guys. LOL. She usually has 3 or 4 part-time jobs and runs around like a crazy person but always has time to help others. She’s that perky girl with a kind heart, a bit clueless but able to make everyone smile. I’ve heard it called the “happy virus,” a person who is able to make everyone around them happy.

Clockwatcher: And more often than not, she looks a mess. Sometimes, it’s because she’s too busy with her multiple jobs to think about visiting a salon or too poor to buy fashionable clothes despite carrying a handbag costing the average person’s one-month salary.

Rinchan: That’s why she stands out—she is a good person who is not draped in the rewards a good person deserves. When you first see her, you notice her train wreck appearance, but because there is so much more underneath, one can’t help but draw near to see if they are the real thing. Most of these chaebols are surrounded by superficial creatures worried about things like when the latest limited edition item is coming in so they can brag about their wealth.