Gong Yoo Advocates Children’s Rights in Cambodia

2014-12-09 09:14:29 2014-12-09 09:14:29

Gong Yoo advocated children’s rights in Cambodia through photos of his field trip to the country.

He carried out his mission to protect children as a special delegate for the Korean Committee for UNICEF. Gong Yoo will exhibit the photos taken during his trip to Cambodia in celebration of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children’s 25th Anniversary.

The Korean Committee for UNICEF set up the exhibition in order to shed light on the plight of children’s rights in Cambodia.

Gong Yoo stayed in Cambodia for a week starting on October 8 to better understand and help the harsh realities of the Cambodian children. He will take the lead in enlightening Korea, if not the world, about the exploitation of Cambodian children and the need for the protection of their rights.

Gong Yoo will also partake in the making of “Awoo Dolls.” Hoping the children will grow up healthy, he also made two Awoo Dolls: “Gong Bio” and “Gon Woori.” Gong Yoo’s custom-made dolls will be available for auction on the Korean Committee for UNICEF starting December 12.

The photo exhibition will be displayed at the COEX Live Plaza from December 12 through December 28. The video of Gong Yoo’s activities can also be viewed on the Korean Committee for UNICEF’s website.