Ha Jung Woo and Ha Ji Won to Act as a Married Couple in “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant”

2014-12-09 17:23:59 2014-12-09 17:23:59

Actor Ha Jung Woo and actress Ha Ji Won will be acting together as a married couple in the movie “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant.”

“Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” portrays Heo Sam Kwan, who has no money or plans, but does have a huge grudge. The movie tells the story of Heo Sam Kwan as he meet the biggest challenges of his life around his beautiful wife and their three sons.

In this movie, Ha Jung Woo as Heo Sam Kwan and Ha Ji Won as Heo Ok Ran, his beautiful wife who falls for his antics, will begin as coy lovers and progress to a harmoniously married couple with three sons. They are expected to show off fantastic chemistry.

Ha Jung Woo, who had mentioned Ha Ji Won as the actress he would most like to collaborate with in the past, showed his attachment and trust in her by saying, “She is a friend and a colleague that I can trust and feel comfortable with. That translated completely in our filming and I was able to gain energy from her as we comfortably exchanged our emotions.”

Ha Ji Won also expressed her content with working with Ha Jung Woo, saying, “Because he prepared everything thoroughly before the filming, we were able to film comfortably. Above anything else, he made the filming very lighthearted, so I was very happy while I acted.”

Meanwhile, “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” is a comedy family movie adaptation of a bestseller novel by Yu Hua by the same title, and will premiere on January 15 of next year.