Park Hae Jin Cancels Filming in China After a Crowd of Fans Gather at the Scene

2014-12-09 22:45:31 2014-12-09 22:45:31

Actor Park Hae Jin’s appearance in China brought a wave of attention to fans.

The shooting of “Secret Society of Men- Friends” at a university in China was canceled after so many fans came to watch Park Hae Jin act.

On November 30, Park Hae Jin arrived at China to participate in prior meetings and the filming of the Chinese drama “Secret Society of Men- Friends.” The rumor that he would filming be filming at a Chinese University soon spread across campus, causing numerous students to refuse class and gather around the drama set instead.

Even worse, a number of students were injured in the process by slipping on stair steps due to the rainy weather. Park Hae Jin, worried about his fans’ safety over anything else, decided to halt his shootings in hope that no more accidents would happen.

“Although filming is important, nothing comes above the safety of fans, which is why we made such a decision with the staff,” Park Hae Jin’s management agency WM Company said. “Park Hae Jin is working hard to bring his best performance on the table, so we hope everyone keeps tuned in.”

“Secret Society of Men- Friends”  is the second season of the popular Chinese drama that contains the story of the friendship, passion, and love men in their 30s. Many people are already anticipating its release after news of Park Hae Jin’s appearance hit.

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin received great reviews while starring as the psychopath Lee Jung Moon in OCN’s “Bad Guys” due to his successful transformation in acting. “Bad Guys” will be airing its final episode on December 13.