“Superman Returns” Chu Sarang Takes After Mom Yano Shiho When It Comes to Modeling

2014-12-09 03:20:15 2014-12-09 03:20:15

Early as now, three-year-old Chu Sarang of “Superman Returns” is showing her potential as a model through recent photos of her that were posted on Instagram.

On December 8, Chu Sarang’s mother Yano Shiho posted on her Instagram photos of her daughter who is posing in her pajamas while wearing her mother’s high heels. The caption read, “Walking around the room with heels on. Wore mom’s high heels one night and (struck) a pose.”

Chu Sarang

Although the Chu Sarang’s face wasn’t shown in the photo, the adorable daughter of MMA fighter Chu Sung Hoon and fashion model Yano Shiho still won the hearts of many fans as she looked very cute while posing with her left hand on her waist as she wore her mother’s high heels. Another photo of Chu Sarang showed the toddler carrying the paper bag as if it were a hand bag and walking while wearing the oversized shoes.

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