Cause of Late Singer Joanne’s Accident Still Unknown; CSI Now Investigating

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On December 10, SBS‘ “Night of TV Entertainment” reported on late singer Joanne‘s death, which occurred on December 2 in America.

In a phone interview with “Night of TV Entertainment,” Joanne’s father said, “The motor vehicle accident occurred on November 25 at 5:30 a.m. local time.” He continued, “Joanne’s friend called her, but she did not pick up the phone. When she continued to try to reach her, the police picked up and told her that Joanne was at the hospital. When she got there, Joanne was still conscious, but she was not conscious when I got there.” Joanne fought for her life for a week before she passed away from her injuries.

Joanne’s father also said, “There is no surveillance footage of the scene. There are also no witnesses. The police were not able to find anything around the accident, so the case has now been transferred to CSI.” Over a week since Joanne’s death, her family still has not been able to hold a funeral. The accident occurred on a road with a 70 km/h speed limit.

Joanne, who was heading home after work, was victim to the unfortunate accident only five minutes after she left. When she was discovered, Joanne’s car was towed away with the driver’s seat completely wrecked. It was also reported that the driver and passenger of the other vehicle that was involved in the crash are both still in intensive care at the hospital.

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